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I'm passionate about creating new solutions and helping others

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Technology Consultant and Salesforce Developer

  •  DXC Technology
  •  Jan 2020 - Feb 2021

 Full Stack Developer
 Responsible for creating and maintaining Rest/Soap API´s as backend for Angular Project.
 Responsible of providing support to IT Salesforce Related issues, as well as, building new solutions to
business requirements on demand in a CD and CI environment.
 Enabled multiple Business Re-Org.
 Updated backend code of Excel Macro Files used by Business as per new business requirement.
 Responsible for performing bulk updates and data transformations between Salesforce sandboxes, using
SQL Server (DB Amp). Also use of Data Loader and Workbench.
 Responsible for maintaining and creating Salesforce reports and dashboards for Business based on
 Creation and configuration of Object, Fields, Page Layouts, Record Types, Validation Rules, Workflows,
Custom Settings, Process Builder, Approval Process, Reports, Dashboards, Security (Roles, Profiles,
Permission Sets, Sharing Rules)
 Helped updating several Conga Objects and configurations between environments during the CPQ
 Built SQL server script to easily Migrate CPQ data from a Sandbox to another one, this was used multiple
times to add or sync data and configurations in the CPQ environments.
 Develop and support the frontend and backend of a Salesforce CRM application using Apex Classes,
Triggers, JavaScript, HTML5, SOQL, CSS and Visualforce pages.
 Helped with Marketo testing and configuration in Salesforce.
 Enabled Boomi configurations updated to remove Japan accounts from process as per business
 Oversee the Boormi Release to confirm all settings and process continue to work correctly post release,

System Analysis and L2 Support

  •  Intel Corpotation
  •  Sep 2016 - Dec 2019

• Provided L2 Support to multiple systems:
– Salesforce CRM system and other non-Salesforce systems, responsible for root causing and
fixing complex issues that would occur in the application database and / or SOAP WSDL
– Microsoft BI Analytics and ETL layers, required to troubleshoot, fix issues, customize and create
– Provided Support to multiple Salesforce reports and Einstein Analytics data sets. Responsible for
helping users fix unexpected issues and troubleshoot any system error.
– Responsible for engaging Salesforce Support to partnership on resolving unexpected issues
where collaboration from Vendor was needed.
• Conducted monthly audits of licenses used and available, plus responsible for disabling users when not
logging in +30 days to free up licenses.
• In charge of driving correct process and smoot support between the different levels of support.
• Driver of synchronization weekly meeting between issues in all locations around the world, by going
through all open issues which helped speed up issue resolution and feedback loops across support
• Responsible of providing Salesforce Lightning Training to L1 and L2 support, additionally, continuous
feedback with Stakeholders and agents.
• Provided class preparation to take the SCRUM master certification exam to about 25 co-workers.
• Accountable for documenting training materials, knowledge articles, escalations, and any other feedback
with other levels of support.

Tean Lead / Supervisor

  •  Mar 2014 - Aug 2016

 Responsible for managing a team of 20 individuals.
 Required to maintain customer satisfaction at outstanding levels to succeed and keep the company growing.
 Responsible for creating a positive interaction with direct clients.
 Required to gather, analyze root cause and provide coaching based on feedback and outlier management.
 Lead by example and create a healthy enrolment, keeping team members motivated.


Systems Engineer

  •  Universidad Americana
  •  Mar 2014 - Apr 2019